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2019 New Release
Cooperative War Game

During the late period of World War II,  the U.S. military had naval and air supremacy in the Pacific War. The Allies implemented the "island hopping" strategy. Instead of landing on Taiwan directly, they carried out comprehensive air strikes.

Takao, the southern city of Taiwan known as Kaohsiung, was designated as a fortress city. Lots of factories were built in the city. Also, in Okayama, a town of Takao, there were facilities for producing aircraft and military machinery. Therefore, Takao became one of the main military industrial bases in Asia. During World War II the total number of bombs used in Takao by the U.S. military was the highest in Taiwan.



2019 New Release
Party Game

  • New release from Famous Taiwanese Designer “Jesse Li”
    (Masterpiece:『Ponzi Scheme』『Gun&Steel』『The Flow of History』)

  • Second place in Taiwan“Golden Table Award” .The most expected games for publish